Return to Home: An Experience That Won’t Soon Be Forgotten

Return to Home, an adventurous page-turner, has Mark Watson, devoted husband and father, eventually wondering where his real home is.

Though attached to his Savannah, Georgia home and family, he finds himself in another situation so exciting and enjoyable that he’s not sure he wants to leave that situation either, as it presents an entirely different and intriguing adventure.

A real estate salesman, he later takes on an exciting challenge within the field that promises to allow him travel and an upgraded income.

Along the way, he encounters very powerful people and messages that create impactful and lasting changes in his Christian outlook, making him regret his former agnostic convictions. Through Mark’s God-ordained, never-before adventure, he learns things that God makes clear He wants Mark to know—things which not only impact Mark, but those he loves.

He is given a huge secret he is never to reveal, lest something terrible happen to him and his beloved family, which leaves him feeling torn between two worlds: those of loyalty to both.

The long-lasting messages conveyed through Mark’s experiences are conclusions that God Himself made sure were those of which Mark was well aware, even throughout both worlds he came to love and sincerely embrace.

Sandy, I just finished your book. I loved it, I can’t wait to talk to you about it. I hope they make it into a movie.

- Claire Erickson
Oh Sandy That book of yours is so GREAT I have read it but I keep picking it up and re reading parts as it is so Interesting and unusual. U really know how to write “Return to Home” is truly one of the greatest books that I have read.

- Jay B
Your book was so inspiring in so many ways. I feel I will read it over and over again. Just the thought of when we go home to be with Jesus knowing that we will not only be in the presence of our savior but all those great saints who has paved the way for us is really something great to look forward to. You have given me hope that always with my steadfast faith in Christ I can weather any storm that comes my way.

- Earlene Langston
I couldn’t put it down. My advice is that when you start reading this book, don’t have anything planned for the rest of the day. You will be very aggravated if you even get a phone call. I just propped myself up in bad and read until 3:00 in the morning.

- Nadiene H, Indianapolis

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