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We guys thought we had the perfect 1 - 10 grading
scale for the opposite sex, but Sandy Dickson has
devised a considerably more detailed system.
Can an A-1 find true happiness with a C-4?
Probably not, but it could be fun trying.
Sandy explains how to figure the odds, give a relationship your best shot, and what to do if it
doesn't work out. Her book is a
"Home Improvement Guide" to the heart.

- Larry Woody, The Tennessean


Sandy Dickson was born in Zion, Illinois. After high school, she attended college in California where she studied drama. Following college, she spent ten years in the television and movie industries.

During her time in Los Angeles, she sang in a musical group which toured the country. She also served as
the main model and spokesperson for Weider Enterprises, a physical fitness company for which
she traveled extensively. Sandy had a burning desire to see the world and departed for the Orient, where she lived and worked in various locales, including Japan, Hong Kong, and Bangkok, before progressing
on to tour Singapore, New Zealand, Australia, and Europe.

After returning to the United States, she moved
to Nashville, Tennessee, to pursue her passion for
lyric writing, the most popular of which is 'Come Drink at My Table' originally recorded by Billy & Sarah Gaines. She became certified in the profession
of electrolysis and opened an electrolysis clinic,
which she previously owned and operated.

Sandy has served on Tennessee's Board
of Electrolysis Examiners
since 1991, having been appointed by the former governor, Ned R. McWhorter.

"It's a people business and I love people, but my clients become my friends, too," explains Sandy.
"We develop a great rapport and they tell me that coming to me is like going to therapy. Eventually,
the conversation always seems to lead to personal feelings and relationships. I respect confidentiality
and would never betray a trust. Yet I learned such fascinating elements about threads in human nature that I feel could benefit many people."

Through close encounters with clients during her sessions, combined with learning about people throughout the world during her travels, Sandy developed insights and philosophies into human
nature and relationships. She became interested
in sharing her knowledge with others. With her first book, Kindred Threads - Loving Relationships,
she accomplishes just that.

Sandy is an ambitious and zealous person and eagerly welcomes the opportunity to travel and promote her books. Her plans include a national radio and television campaign as well as newspaper reviews. She will also promote her books on college campuses and through various civic organizations through speaking engagements. She is looking forward to meeting you, the reader, during her travels involved in this effort.

She has since relocated to Illinois, where she has taken photographs and written news and features for a local newspaper since 2005 and continues, in her private life, to write manuscripts.

She also enjoys volunteering by serving and visiting with cancer patients at the local Cancer Treatment Centers of America and spends as much spare time there as possible.


Sandy Dickson

A fun version of truth that most who aren't the main housekeeper really don't realize: little things that men don't get used to doing, but that can be a source of irritation for women if left undone. You will laugh at the familiarity and relatability. The 9 chapters list infractions by a 'general' category, by rooms as well a travel, if you're the guest, roommate situations and then keeping the peace.

Return to Home, an adventurous page-turner, has Mark Watson, devoted husband and father, eventually wondering where his real home is.

Though attached to his Savannah, Georgia home and family, he finds himself in another situation so exciting and enjoyable that he’s not sure he wants to leave that situation either, as it presents an entirely different and intriguing adventure.

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Kindred Threats
Kindred Threads
-Loving Relationships
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This unique book provides invaluable information for anyone seeking more understanding of the complex phenomenom we call relationships.
- Twyman Towery, author of
"Male Code: Rules Men Live & Love By" and "Wisdom of Wolves: Nature's
Way to Organizational Success"

Humor From Sandy's
Notebook: Volume I

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