I have over 25 years of electrolysis experience and was appointed twice by Tennessee Governor Ned McWhorter to serve on the Tennessee State Board of Electrolysis examiners, totaling four years, while still maintaining my busy Nashville electrolysis practice.

There are several methods of hair removal; but unfortunately many are questionable at best.

Electrolysis remains the only true way to remove unwanted hair permanently. When you come to me, your consultation is free, and I will thoroughly explain two different kinds of electrolysis: the advantages and disadvantages of each, and the benefits of my preference for blending both methods together.

I patiently listen and explain, so as to feel assured that the patron has no question as to the hair growth patterns or removal procedure. The main thing I want understood is that since the hairs aren’t all out at the same time, they can’t all be treated at the same time, but, depending on several factors, that which is visible at any one time can most often be treated in one session.

However, it needs to be understood that electrolysis is an ongoing process as each hair can only be treated when it emerges in its growth cycle, but it’s also a matter of making each hair come in weaker and finer with each treatment until it can no longer regenerate. The first treatment to any one hair does not always prevent that follicle from regenerating another hair, depending on how tough it is, what’s been done to it (like tweezing) or hormonal activity, which can be influenced by medications and the aging process as well as certain medical conditions.

Variables that influence these factors are why a consultation is necessary. No one can predict how long it will take to completely get rid of the hair permanently, but it has largely to do with one’s consistency in appointments. If an electrologist were to speculate removal might take a year, the patron may only come in one or two times in the year, so this prediction becomes inaccurate. The factors that encourage hair growth are also influential, so it’s unwise to make predictions. What I can do is tell you basically how much time it will take to get all the hairs visible at least once, so as to clear the area of visible, but this can also be a little unpredictable depending on the toughness of the hair, the type of skin and the tolerance of the patron.  

If appointments are consistent, the distance between them will be able to increase, as well as the length of each appointment becoming less.

I encourage and welcome your phone calls, and since I share this office with a medical team, they will pass along any information you want to leave for me as a way to contact you. I will do so as soon as I get the message.  There is no phone in my work room, so I can give you my full attention when I speak to you. My hours are very flexible on an as- needed basis, so don’t hesitate to call and leave a message for me to call, along with your contact number to allow me to call you and answer any questions you may have.

For more information about my service and the other services at Mitten Chiropractic, 2456 Sheridan Road, Zion, IL (847) 872-5707 or to speak with Sandy directly, please call (847) 872-1886. If there is no answer, I could be with a client, so please leave a message as all calls will be promptly returned.

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